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Welcome to Ullumod.com. The only site to download the latest version of Ullu MOD APK. Ullu is an online streaming platform for Indian web-series. The official version of app is available on Google Play Store & Apple Store.

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LicensePremium Unlocked
DeveloperULLU Digital Pvt Ltd
Last UpdatedToday

Current Version: 6.7

About Ullu

The Ullu Apk is a unique platform for all your streaming needs. You might have used Amazon Prime videos, Netflix, or Hotstar, among many such OTT apps that provide you with the best streaming experience possible at your fingertips from your mobile phone. Ullu differs in some cases when compared with these already established OTT platforms, it’s new and less known, so it’s still in early development. You can think of Ullu as your streaming content provider; you can stream TV series, Movies, etc. Just like other apps.

Ullu app offers original content in 4 languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. It includes a curated list of selected content, usually the most exciting or chitchatted-about series or movies. So this seems like a limitation of the available content it offers, but it makes it up with the “quality over quantity” motto. You will have to explore and begin streaming to your liking from their catalog and have a unique watching experience. There is always the possibility of discovering something new apart from what you had planned to watch, which adds variability and fun to your usual media consumption pattern without overly controlling or limiting your choices. Ullu offers these things in a well-packaged Android application but is available for multiple platforms.


Ullu MOD APK is a modified version of the original Ullu Application with extra features like Premium Unlocked, Without Login, Advertisement Free, Free Subscription, and VIP Unlocked. All the Adult content in the app will be available completely free.

The Ullu Premium MOD APK plan allows users to watch unlimited premium content. It has a lot of limitations on what content free users can watch. For example, they can only watch low-rated movies and trailers. However, premium users can access all premium and paid content without restrictions.

Features of the Ullu APP

Well-crafted Media Platform

Ullu Premium MOD APK Download is well crafted in representations of its service, and the availability of exciting shows and movies is remarkable and applaudable. You will surely enjoy an experience that will be unique to you, and you might even end up talking and discussing it between your social circle and your buddies. 

Well, sharing isn’t bad. And I think you might love the content provided enough to be unable to contain yourself from sharing or talking about the platform with others. Although it will depend on the experience, you will end up having.

Offers Content in Four Languages

Ullu Premium MOD APK doesn’t limit itself to offering content in a single language, such as only providing content in English or Hindi, but it offers a range of four languages. This way, it doesn’t exclude its viewers that are not proficient in English or Hindi. Also, what someone watches should be decided by the user in the end, and offering content in four languages ensures a good experience for many of its users coming from different locales. 

It offers content in English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil, which I believe covers a significant population of India.

Captions Available

All the content has subtitles if you prefer that, which ensures a good experience for specific users. Also, it should exist by default on all streaming platforms. It’s good to see Ullu doesn’t neglect subtitles.

Ullu App Hack Version

Handpicked and curated content

Content available on Ullu isn’t selected randomly but is picked meticulously to provide its users with the best experience. All the content is curated well before it’s displayed or made through the APP home screen, ensuring quality and a unique watching experience for its users.

It’s a great experience, and you might discover something new and thought-provoking. 

Censored productions for Family Watch

Ullu apk mod is an app that has censorship to a general level to make it appropriate to watch with family members and friends. It’s never good if 18+ or adult content unexpectedly pops up in the middle of a family watch. That is sure to be a disturbance, and the censorship is only to ensure a safe watching experience away from illegal or banned content. 

That being said, you will not find 18+ or adult content on Ullu, but you may still find it implicitly embedded between scenes of series or movies. That should be an appropriate amount, although what’s appropriate I leave to you to decide. 

Great User experience

Ullu has an excellent User Interface that offers a smooth watching experience on android without much clutter and ensures a great user experience. For the most part, its grid-based UI thinks of it like the title of content being displayed and then categorized according to sections. In the case of media, it’s organized based on the genre of the content being tagged.

Its simple UI keeps users engaged and avoids the downfall of overly complex UI, making it difficult for the user to explore the content to stream. So you don’t need to be taught how to use the app, and it’s self-explanatory for the most part.

Ullu MOD APK Download

Offline store content on the go

If you are in a hurry or will be traveling, you have the option to download content locally on your device and watch it offline later on. Pretty neat, I say.

Key Features of Ullu MOD APK

Ullu MOD app, by default, doesn’t offer these features but presents them in the modded version. A modded version has been altered on the code level to unlock certain features and provide facilities that aren’t available typically. Do note these are not the facilities provided by the Ullu app. 

Screenshots Enabled


Have you tried taking screenshots on Netflix or the amazon prime app? Well, you can’t. They have secured the app in a way that does not allow anyone to record the content from the screen for unauthorized sharing. Ullu is very generous in this area by not having any limitations and giving you the ability to capture screenshots of the content you were watching. Which I believe is excellent for your time to find looking at some scenes that you feel you need to screenshot and share with friends. 

No Subscriptions

Ullu No Subscription

Whether it’s a good thing or not, I can’t say, but at the moment, you don’t have to worry about any subscriptions. All the content is openly available to all, without any paid membership or subscriptions. 

There is no surety of whether Ullu will be adding a subscription in the future or not, but I believe that to be important if the app wants to strive for success in the long run.

No login

Ullu No Login

There is no need for login and registration to use the app, and everything is available in the public domain for all to access without needing an account. Although Ullu will implement registration if it wants to provide a user-based watching experience by monitoring the account’s activity, it can suggest relevant content that users will enjoy. With registration, they might also implement subscriptions. 

No ads


No ads, Ullu offers a clean and cut-watching experience fluff-free and more valuable for your time.

Ullu Free Accounts

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What’s New in Latest Update

Version: 6.7

  • The new version provides improvements over the last version.
  • Bugs found on the previous version are patched.
  • More recent content is available.
  • Minor UI changes. 

Ullu Reviews (Users)

Been using with a paid subscription for few months now, have enlisted the pros and cons. Pros: Exceptional sound quality coupled with good picture quality. Dirt cheap annual subscription. Cons: Content quality is sub-par. Try casting videos on your TV using Chromecast and the video will stop and resume and loop back several times every few minutes.

Pathetic experience| Took the paid good subscription, I’m using 150Mbps Wifi Connection still videos keep buffering disturbing the fun of watching, Although it can be downloaded with good speed so manageable in that respect, u can download n watch but the main issue is the videos seem to be censored, scenes r cut, it’s so annoying if earlier I wud be knowing that I would not even have taken the subscription, I tried installing pro apk as well bu downloading and installing but it’s of no use.

Improving a lot, I have taken subscription from 2 years I dint find anything wrong with app. Best thing is compared to last year they have improved lot in content this year. They have also improved storyline and cast. Now I am happy. I am facing problem in downloading videos via internet.

Alternatives of the Ullu App

Subscription ServiceUlluViuNetflixHooqVootPrimeVideoYupp TVMX PlayerEros NowSonyLIVJioCinemaVodafone PlayAirtel TVAlt Balaji
Subscription Plan DetailsUllu SubscriptionViu SubscriptionNetflix SubscriptionHooQ
Voot SubscriptionPrimeVideo SubscriptionYupp TV SubscriptionMX Player SubscriptionErosNow SubscriptionSonyLIV SubscriptionJioCinema SubscriptionVodafone Play SubscriptionAirtel TV SubscriptionAltBalaji Subscription
Free Trial or
Free Availability?
First Four Episodes30 days free1 month30-day free trial on adding a recurring payment methodFreeNo90 days freeWatch for Free, with Ads14 days free premium trial, Some Content is Free foreverSelected Content is FreeUnlimited Streaming for All Active subscriptionsUnlimited Free for Selected Prepaid and Postpaid CustomersUnlimited Free for Selected Prepaid and Postpaid CustomersFirst 3 episodes of every TV Series
Monthly PlanINR 36INR 99 for 2 monthsINR 500 (1 User)
INR 600 (2 Users)
INR 800 (4 Users)
INR 89FreeINR 129INR 700FreeINR 49 (Plus)
INR 99 (Premium)
INR 99
3-Month PlanN/AFreeN/AFreeINR 149INR 100
6-Month PlanN/AINR 299FreeINR 3850Free
Yearly PlanINR 99INR 599INR 450FreeINR 999INR 7000FreeINR 470 (Plus)
INR 950 (Premium)
INR 499INR 300
Simultaneous Streaming1 Device5 Devices1 to 4 Users5 DevicesUnlimitedUnlimited25 UsersUnlimited Devices1 Device1 User5 Devices
Premium FeaturesVarious genres
Offline downloads
Regional Content in regional languages
Premium Content
Personalizing the subscription package
Ad-free streaming, Unlimited access, Offline DownloadUnlimited Access, HD & UHD StreamingUnlimited Access, Download & Offline Viewing, Few Rental Movies OnlyNAUnlimited Access to PrimeVideo, PrimeMusic & Kindle e-Books,
Free Delivery
250+ Live TV Channels
5000+ movies
100+ TV shows
15+ languages
Watch ad-free viewing of content
Pro app for INR 370, Lifetime free AdsPlus – Unlimited access to Movies
Premium – Unlimited Access to Movies, TV Shows & Originals, and Offline Download
Live TV, Ad-free viewing
Offline Download
NAFree 1 year Amazon Prime & 2,3,12 months Netflix SubscriptionOffline Download, Selected content of Zee5
Free 3 months Netflix & 1 year Amazon Prime Subscription
Unlimited Access, Offline Download
OffersN/A3 months free subscription for ‘Flipkart Plus membersFree subscription for selected Airtel & Vodafone UsersFirst 90 days for INR 89 for recurring payment method, 1 free movie rental ticket per monthNAFree for selected users of BSNL, Airtel & VodafoneN/AFree for selected users of Airtel, Vodafone & Jio Users30% cashback through PayTM, 3-month free subscription for Sony Bravia TV & Mi TV buyersNANANAFree for Selected users of Airtel, Jio & Vodafone
Service & Content TypeOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, OriginalsOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, OriginalsOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, OriginalsOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV ShowsOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals, Live TVOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, OriginalsOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, OriginalsOn-Demand Streaming, MX Originals, Movies, TV Shows, Content from All Web Series & few other Streaming ServicesOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, OriginalsOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals, Live TV & SportsOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, a Few Originals of Zee5, ErosNow & AltBalajiOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows, Originals of ErosNow & AltBalajiOn-Demand Streaming, Movies, TV Shows
Originals of ErosNow, AltBalaji, Live TV
Original TV Series, Movies & TV Shows
Data Usage per HourN/A1.9 GB (HD)750 MB (HD)1.65 GB (HD)350 MB (SD)925 MB (SD), 2.2 GB (HD), 6 GB (4K/UHD)N/A800 MB (HD)400 MB (SD)1.9 GB (HD)2.4 GB (HD)2 GB (HD)2.2 GB (HD)750 MB (SD)

How to Download Ullu MOD APK?

If you don’t have any idea to download the Ullu MOD APK File then you don’t have to worry. We are adding the steps below for our users.

Steps to Download:

  1. Scroll to the link below and Download the latest version provided.
  2. After Downloading, Turn on the Unknown Resources options.
  3. Install the Ullu_MOD_APK.apk File
  4. Follow the Instructions and Complete the Installation.
  5. Enjoy watching the Series.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ullu MOD APK Ad-Free?

Yes, Our is completely Ad-Free. Professionally designed by our coders for the best user experience.

Is ULLU app safe MOD?

Yes, the app is completely secure.

Is it Safe?

Yes, the Ullu app is safe to use.

Suitable for all audiences?

If you follow the guidelines and stick to warns, it’s a safe app below 18 age, but it’s better to be moderated by an adult over 18+.

Does the app require huge memory for installation?

No, It’s hardly 20MB, and that size will vary on the version Updated, but its installation footprint is small.

Which Devices Support Ullu?

Web browsers: Visit the website www.Ullu.com
Android: Android devices (4.1 and later) 
iOS: All Apple devices (iOS 9.0 and later)
Ullu App: The Ullu App is easy to download from Play Store as well as iTunes Store.
Ullu is not available as a Tv App, thus, cannot work on your firestick.


Looking at the offering of Ullu, I would say it’s an app worth trying out. It’s growing, and its media library will undoubtedly increase with time. Offering streaming and the option to download content for later watch is also a great feature. It provides a simple and self-explanatory UI, ensuring a confusion-free user experience.